Display advertising is more prevalent in today’s digital marketing environment than ever before. You can target your audience with laser precision, so you know you’re showing up in front of the right buyer. (People who are looking for a car in our case.)

Display campaigns give you the rare ability to be present wherever your target market is, across the expanse of the internet. It’s like having a billboard on every major highway near your dealership. Only digital. Plus, you can opt to only show ads to the people who need your cars, which maximizes your return on investment.

Here at Dealer Dynasty, we create ads with clear, compelling messages and eye-catching visuals that get noticed. Our team’s focus is on crafting display campaigns that expand your brand, increase awareness, and bring more customers into your dealership.

Our Display Ads and Banner Advantage

There are three essential elements we use to advertise your dealership effectively.

  • Visual appeal to attract attention.
  • Using proper placement and targeting to maximize exposure to the right people.
  • Relevance, so the message resonates with them, and they take proper action.

We have a variety of display ad forms and placements, which meet different needs:

  • Banner ads are wide and short located across the bottom or top of the screen.
  • Square and rectangle ads fit in several advertising placements. They can be located on the sides or embedded within the actual content.
  • Vertical ads appear on the sides, with long and thin dimensions. They’re called skyscraper advertisements.

These spaces are sold separately and can be used to complement one another. We’ll help you determine the most effective spot for your advertisement.

Your display ad can be made up of elements such as audio, images, flash, videos, text, or all of the above.

The composition of the ad depends heavily on its purpose, and it’s vital to choose the right segment for your dealership to maximize effectiveness. We’ll help you figure out the best approach for your business by creating a custom solution for your dealership’s specific needs.

Give us a call to expand your online presence and bring a new stream of customers to your dealership!


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